I am the Juniorprofessor for Neurophilosophy at Magdeburg’s Philosophy–Neurosciences–Cognition Program and, together with Holger Lyre, co-responsible for our Master of Science.

I work mainly on philosophical issues in the neuroscience of phenomenal consciousness, where I focus on what a neural correlate of consciousness is, how we can and can’t use introspective approaches, the role of structures to individuate sensations, varieties of ego-dissolution, the indeterminacy or precision of experiences, and so on. Additionally, I work on psychedelics, pains, paradoxes and the psychology of vagueness. Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Mind are my main areas of research and teaching in Theoretical Philosophy.

Together with Wanja Wiese and Jennifer Windt, I am Editor-in-Chief of the not-for-profit open access journal Philosophy and the Mind Sciences, which is fully independent of all commercial publishing houses. Since 2017, I curate the Youtube-channel of the German Society for Analytic Philosophy, with small German explanatory videos on philosophical topics and interviews with leading analytic philosophers.


After studying Philosophy, History of Art, Japanology, and Biology at Mainz (Germany), Tokyo (Japan), and Florence (Italy) with the help of a scholarship of the German National Academic Merit Foundation and a JLSP-scholarship, I wrote my dissertation at the Institute of Cognitive Science at Osnabrück (Germany) and, as a visitor, at Center for Consciousness at Australia’s National University’s Center for Consciousness. My thesis focused on foundational issues in the neuroscience of phenomenal consciousness, such as the notion of a neural correlate of consciousness, the privacy of consciousness, and the role of introspection in researching consciousness. 


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with an afterword „Darwin unter Linken“ by Sascha Benjamin Fink


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Original Target Article by Block here
Reply by Ned Block (2015)

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(PDF here at Philpapers)

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(PDF here)

Fink, S. Benjamin (2010) The Ambiguity of ‘Pain’, in: Jane Fernandez-Goldborough (ed.), Making Sense of: Pain. Oxford: Inter-disciplinary Net.
Freely available online.
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As Editor

Laurie Paul (May 2020) Was können wir wissen, bevor wir uns entscheiden? Von Kinderwünschen und Vernunftgründen. (German Translation of: What you can’t expect when you are expecting (with an afterword by Sascha Benjamin Fink), Stuttgart: Reclam

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Peter Singer (2018) Linke, hört die Signale! Stuttgart: Reclam (German Translation of A Darwinian Left, with an afterword).