I am Juniorprofessor for Neurophilosophy at the philosophy department and am a member of the Center for Behavioral Brain Sciences at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg. There, I teach at the Philosophy–Neurosciences–Cognition Program. My work focuses mainly on philosophical issues in the neuroscience of consciousness, specifically the neural correlates of consciousness, the limits of introspection, the structure of experiences, self and selflessness, indeterminate aspects of experiences, and so on. Beside this, I work on the philosophy of psychedelics, psychiatry, pains, paradoxes, vagueness, transformative experiences, and Darwinism.

Together with Wanja Wiese and Jennifer Windt, I am Editor-in-Chief of the independent, cost-free open access journal Philosophy and the Mind Sciences. I am currently a PI in the research training group Extrospection: External Acces to Higher Cognitive Processes. Until 2021, I contributed the majority of videos and interviews to the Youtube-channel of the German Society for Analytic Philosophy.


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As Editor

with Chiara Caporuscio (2022) Philosophy of Psychedelics, Philosophy and the Mind Sciences.

with Ying-Tung Lin (2021) Special Issue: The Neural Correlates of Consciousness II, Philosophy and the Mind Sciences.

Special Issue: The Neural Correlates of Consciousness I (2020), Philosophy and the Mind Sciences.

Laurie Paul (May 2020) Was können wir wissen, bevor wir uns entscheiden? Von Kinderwünschen und Vernunftgründen. (German Translation of: What you can’t expect when you are expecting (with an afterword by Sascha Benjamin Fink), Stuttgart: Reclam

with Wanja Wiese & Jennifer Windt (2018) Philosophical and Ethical Aspects of a Science of Consciousness and the Self: A Festschrift for Thomas Metzinger. Special Issue of Frontiers in Psychology.

Peter Singer (2018) Linke, hört die Signale! Stuttgart: Reclam (German Translation of A Darwinian Left, with an afterword).