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                    Otto-von-Guericke Universität

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Jun.-Prof. Dr. phil.


I am the Juniorprofessor for Neurophilosophy at Magdeburg‘s Philosophy–Neurosciences–Cognition Program, and co-responsible for its Master of Science Program.

I work mainly on neuroscientific and introspective approaches to consciousness, sensation and perception, but also on pains and paradoxes. I teach broadly in Philosophy of Mind, of Science, of Biology, Epistemology, and Logic.

I studied Philosophy, History of Art, Japanology, and Biology at Mainz (Germany), Tokyo (Japan), and Florence (Italy) with the help of a scholarship of the German National Academic Merit Foundation and a JLSP-scholarship. My dissertation at the Institute of Cognitive Science at Osnabrück (Germany) was on foundational issues in the neuroscience of phenomenal consciousness (part of which was written as a visitor at the Center for Consciousness at Australia‘s National University).

Since 2017, I curate the Youtube-channel of the German Society for Analytic Philosophy, with small German explanatory videos and interviews with leading analytic philosophers.

    Homepage: Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg

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Fink, S. Benjamin (2018) The Concept of a Bewusstseinskultur. Frontiers in Psychology.

Fink, S. Benjamin (2017) Introspective Disputes Deflated: The Case for Phenomenal Variation. Philosophical Studies.

Fink, S. Benjamin (2017) „Progress by Paradox“: Paradoxien als Katalysator wissenschaftlichen Fortschritts. (GERMAN)

Fink, Sascha Benjamin (2017) Why Care beyond the Square? Classical and Extended Shapes of Oppositions in Their Application to „Introspective Disputes“. In: J.Y.B. Béziau & G. Basti (eds.) The Square of Opposition: A Cornerstone of Thought (Studies in Universal Logic), Springer/Birkhäuser, p. 325–337.

Fink, S. Benjamin & Zednik, Carlos (2017) Meeting in the Dark Room: Bayesian Rational Analysis and Hierarchical Predictive Coding, in: Thomas Metzinger & Wanja Wiese (eds.) Philosophy and Predictive Processing.

Fink, S. Benjamin (2016) A Deeper Look at the „Neural Correlate of Consciousness“,  Frontiers in Psychology, 7(1044).

Fink, S. Benjamin (2015) Phenomenal Precision and Some Pitfalls — A Commentary on Ned Block. Also in: T. Metzinger & J. Windt (eds.) Open Mind, MIT Press, p. 213–227.

    Original Target Article by Block here 

    Reply by Ned Block (2015)

Fink, S. Benjamin (2012) Knowing Pain. In E. Cohen, L. Toker, M. Consonni, & O. Dror (eds.) Knowledge and Pain. Amsterdam & New York: Rodopi. 

        (PDF here)

Fink, S. Benjamin (2011) Independence and Connections of Pain and Suffering. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 18 (13-14).

        (Local PDF here, if you accept fair use)

Fink, S. Benjamin (2010) Pain: A Natural State without a Nature? Dealing with the Ambiguity of ‘Pain’ in Science and Ethics, in: Gillian Bendelow, Heather McKenzie and John Quinton (eds.), At the Edge of Being: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Pain. New York: Rodopi.

        (Local PDF here, if you accept fair use)

Fink, S. Benjamin (2010) The Ambiguity of ‘Pain’, in: Jane Fernandez-Goldborough (ed.), Making Sense of: Pain. Oxford: Inter-disciplinary Net.

        Freely available online.

        (Link to conference)


Fink, S. Benjamin (2015) On Some Foundational Issues in a Neuroscience of Consciousness: Dissociationism, Neural Correlates, and Introspection. Supervisors: Uwe Meyer, Eric Schwitzgebel, Sven Walter (alphabetical order); summa cum laude at the Institute for Cognitive Sciences at the University of Osnabrück, Germany.

Videos, Sounds, Popular Sci/Phi

Radio-Feature of MDR on my work on pain and suffering (German)

Video of a German Lecture „Niemand außer mir kann's wissen: zur vermeintlichen Privatheit phänomenalen Erlebens“ (2017, German) in the series Selbstkonzepte.

„Das Doppelleben des Schmerzes“ (2016, German) on the Blog Philosophie et Santé

Interview on measuring pain with Ken Craig at the Suffering & Pain Workshop at the Université du Luxembourg (2011)


Juli: Radio-Feature of MDR on my work on pain and suffering (German)

Juli: We were granted an RTG by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinde on „Extrospection“ – non-first-person-methods of knowing about mental events.


Our empirical philosophy lab just opened at the OVGU Magdeburg.

29-30. November: I speak about pain and suffering in Landau.

1. November: Wanja Wiese, Jennifer Windt and I are organizing a Festschrift for Thomas Metzinger at Frontiers in Theoretical Psychology. Call for papers is here.

1. November: I was appointed Vertrauensdozent of the German National Academic Merit Foundation (Studienstiftung).

14/15. October: I speak at the effective altruism conference EAGxBERLIN about pains and suffering.

11. October: I will give my inauguration lecture: Scientific Anarchism & the Privacy of Experiences.

24.-27. September: I will be at the conference of the DGPhil in Berlin

7.-9. September: I will be at #Drugscience 2017.

9. July: The Jungforschernetzwerk has me booked for a workshop on pain and suffering @Potsdam‘s FreiLand.

8. June: I‘ll be at Oldenburg talking about pain.

29-31. May: Introspection Sucks! @ Antwerp. I‘ll talk about disagreement in introspection and variation in experience.

23. May: I give a lecture in the series on concepts of self @ Magdeburg.

23.–28. April: I will be at the inimitable Philosophy of Science Workshop at the Inter-University Center in Dubrovnik.

3. April: The new semester starts. I will teach one joint seminar with Sebastian Spanknebel on Dreaming and one joint seminar with Michael Pohl focusing on how to communicate philosophy with the means of movies.

13. March – 15. March: Holger Lyre, Ramiro Glauer, Carlos Zednik and I will have our first meeting at Neversdorf‘s Udo Keller Stiftung on short movies as a medium for transporting philosophical content. Gero Hecker and Yulia Kamakova will be joining us. (This project is supported by the Udo Keller Stiftung and the Gesellschaft für Analytische Philosophie.)

05. Feb.–10. March 2017: I am travelling and will not be available by phone or email. I try to answer your requests in a timely manner after the 10th of March.

21. February 2017: I talk at the Institute of Philosophy of Mind & Cognition at the National Yang Ming University in Taiwan. I will talk about the privacy of experiences and how it impacts the science of experiences. (A great thank you to Dr. Ying-Tung Lin for organizing.)

12.-13. December 2016: I will be in Bonn for Ned Block’s and Tyler Burge’s Ernst-Robert-Curtius Lecture.

30. November 2017: No visiting hours.


3. November 2016: Philosophie et Santé published a short essay of mine on the „double life of pain“ (in German).

26. October 2016: I have accepted the Juniorprofessorship in Neurophilosophy at the University of Magdeburg, which will start on the 1st of November. I am very much looking forward to it.

26. October 2016: No visiting hours.

25. October 2016: I will take part on the workshop on Transformative Experiences with Laurie A. Paul at Munich, organized by André Grahle.

20. October 2016: Holger Lyre and I have received an exceptional grant by the Gesellschaft für Analytische Philosophie to build up a German youtube channel to popularize Analytic Philosophy. News on this will come as the project unfolds.

10. October 2016: Courses for the winter term: There is something about Mary: The Knowledge Argument and its impact on the mind-body-problem and decision theory and Attention and Consciousness.

05. October 2016: Visiting hours by appointment.

14. September 2016: Visiting hours at Magdeburg between 1:30 and 3 pm.

8.–22. August 2016: I am on holidays and will not be available.

31. July 2016: One last slot for a personal meeting on the 14th of September is available. Skype-Appointments are still available for the 24th of August.

26. July 2016: New article on the notion of a „Neural Correlate of Consciousness“ is out (open access).

10.–17. July 2016: I am on holidays and will not be available.

20. May 2016: Sven Müller and I teach a joint seminar on vagueness at the University of Mainz.

04. May 2016: I will present joint work with Carlos Zednik on whether there is a competition between Bayesian Rational Analysis and Predictive Coding at a workshop with Michael Anderson, Andy Clark, and Jakob Hohwy at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies. Thank you, Thomas Metzinger and Wanja Wiese, for making space for our contribution.

25. April 2016: I was invited for a talk at the Universität Zürich on the evolution of pain and suffering. My gratitude goes to Manuela Kälin for the invitation.

11.–15. April 2016: You can meet me at the Philosophy of Science workshop at Dubrovnik, where I talk about structure in color experiences or: When does a Tetrachromate see red as I do?

07. April 2016: I am proud to give the inauguration talk of a lecture series on Paradoxes and Antinomies in the Sciences, financed by the German Academic Merit Foundation. Thanks to Karsten Engel for the kind invitation.

01. April 2016: The new semester begins, and I teach a seminar on Skepticism and modal logic. I am currently preparing a German introductory script, hopefully leading into a German introductory book.

03.–04. March 2016: I will take part in a workshop on animal pain at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin organized by Victoria Braithwaite and Paula Droege – thank you for the invitation.


12.12.2015: The workshop with Edouard Machery was a great success and highly instructive. Many thanks to him and the local organizers at the Berlin School of Mind & Brain.

03.12.2015: I speak at Ruhr-Universität Bochum on Phenomenal Precision. I thank Prof. Dr. Markus Werning for the invitation. I am also grateful for the highly inspiring discussions at Bochum with Markus Werning and Peter Brössel over dinner.

23.11.2015: Edouard Machery will present his new book project Philosophy Within Its Proper Bounds at a workshop organized by Lena Kästner & me at the Berlin School for Mind & Brain. If you are interested in participating, please email me for the manuscript. (Announcement for the workshop is here.)

17.11.2015: The Dead Philosophers’ Society – this time with Hume, Mead, Freud, and Nietzsche – will meet on the Tuesday, the 17th of November at the Forum Gestaltung in Magdeburg to discuss whether the Self is an Illusion. All are welcome. Youtube clip here.

10.11.2015: I will speak at the Berlin School of Mind & Brain on Phenomenal Precision. I thank Prof. Dr. Michael Pauen for the invitation.

16.10.2015: The lecture on neurobiology of consciousness is now officially open to refugees.

12.10.2015: In the winter term, I will teach a seminar on Feyerabend and Lakatos and give a lecture on the neurobiology of consciousness.

23.09.2015: At EPSA15, I will present on the problems of a neuroscience of consciousness, specifically problems with testing hypotheses on the NCC.

14.09.2015: At GAP9, Christin Zang & I will present our paper on eliminating sensory modalities based on thinking about fishes.    (I am very excited about this project, you can have a look at the poster here.) I will also present something on introspection and disagreement.

10.08.2015: I will be gone and unavailable from 10th of August to 5th of September.

20.07.2015: I just taught an Introduction into Epistemic Logic. You can find the GERMAN script here. Feedback is always welcome!

12.05.2015: I will present my critique of Block‘s Puzzle of Perceptual Precision at the workshop with Ned Block preceding his Marc Jeannerod Lecture at Antwerpen.

20.04.2015: I have defended my thesis in Osnabrück. A heartfelt “Thank you!” to my supervisors, the committee members, and everybody who supported or discussed with me along the way. 

10.04.2015: Ned Block has replied to my critique of his paper on phenomenal precision. Check it out.

18.02.2015: I will teach an Introduction to Epistemology and a course on The Philosophy of David Chalmers, specifically on his work on consciousness.  

19.01.2015: Open Mind – a massive online anthology of highly original articles in the philosophy of mind – just went online.  It includes articles by Bayne, Churchland, Clark, Craver, Dennett, Gallese, Grush, Hohwy, Lamme, Noe, Prinz, Seth, Singer, Thompson, and a load of young researchers whose names you should know. All edited by Thomas Metzinger and Jennifer M. Windt. My own article is a comment on a paper by Ned Block

08–10.01.2015: You can meet me at the inauguration meeting of NorMIND in Bergen.

08.01.2015: I handed in my PhD thesis.


17.10.2014: The current seminars in Magdeburg are: Sex & Death – An Introduction to Philosophy of Biology and Bertrand Russell – The Problems of Philosophy. In addition, I am offering a reading group on current issues in consciousness studies.

16.06.2014: I was invited to present a paper at the Unity of Consciousness Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia at the end of August.

29.04.2014: I contributed a bit to Eric Schwitzgebel’s blog The Splintered Mind on Nazism in German Prewar Philosophy by translating a passage from Heyse’s Editorial Note to Kantstudien. You can read it here.


5.-9. May 2013: The 4th International Congress on the Square of Oppositions at the Vatican, where I present a paper on introspective disputes, arguing that the underlying structure is Buridan’s octagon for oblique terms from Summulae de Dialectica.

28.12.2013: Next year‘s courses at Magdeburg: (1) George Berkeley’s Principles of Knowledge and (2) What makes a sense? The second seminar will be on the differentiation and individuation of sensory modalities in humans, other animals, and in sensory augmentation or substitution.

1.12.2013: Dr. Jennifer Windt (University of Mainz) & I will conduct a workshop on the usage and usefulness of introspective reports in empirical consciousness studies at the 20th anniversary conference of Toward a Science of Consciousness at Tucson, Arizona, USA.

30.10.2013: I accepted a position at the Otto-von-Guericke University at Magdeburg as a “Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter”, and will support their program Philosophy-Neuroscience-Cognition with a seminar on David Hume’s Enquiry concerning Human Understanding. I will remain as well at Osnabrück’s Institute of Cognitive Science’s graduate school.




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